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Performance and installation by Violet Biscuits
Violet Biscuits is an artist collaboration between Cilla Berg, Linnea Jardemark and Lucy Wilson
Photo: Stefano Conti

 In the upstairs window, the group of artists behind Violet Biscuits will together present an installation and performance exploring the visual connotations of digestion. Digestion – in material, bodily and symbolic terms – through processes of decomposition and conversion which allow for creating, learning and understanding of ideas. ‘We let our hands be the bacteria in a process of breaking down fabric surfaces – fluffy, shiny, stretchy and stiff – breaking them down to form bigger pieces.’

Violet Biscuits is a project run by three artists: Cilla Berg, Linnea Jardemark and Lucy Wilson.
The project continues to explore the window as a site for presentation, whilst further probing what it means to work together – seeing where artistic, curatorial and organizational practices overlap, where they don’t, and what to do with that.Violet Biscuits hope for a messy outcome.

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