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29/4 - 27/5 2023 
Groupexhibition at Finnekumla Dance and Artspace 
Mars 2023
Music-video release for Trio Ramberget 
1/10 - 13/11 2022
Låt Stå! 
Finnekumla dans & konstscen
Föreställningar för barn och unga 10-12 nov
Projekt med Benedikte Esperi
Medverkande: Cha Blasco, Ida Lod
28-30 oktober 2022 
Utställning at Galleri 54, Göteborg
Vernissage 28 oktober kl 18-21
Öppet 29-30 oktober 12-16
8-10 September 2022
With the Skene 
Performance at Skogen  
8-14 August 2022
Organizing Residens Vrångsholmen at Vrångsholmen in Tanums municipallity. 
Opening 13 august 13-17
3 May 2022
Performning live visuals at the Opening at  International Science Festival Gothenburg

Linnea Jardemark (b. 1990) is an artist based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Her work can be experienced through performances, installations, guided walks and workshops. Jardemark graduated from the Fine Art Bachelor at Akademin Valand, The University of Gothenburg in 2018. She is currently a residency artist at Skogen in Gothenburg.

Jardemark is working with elements such as: walks / video-projections / guiding audio / moving objects / texts / sculptures / instructions / embedded images / collective processes and knowledge / haptic visuallity / site specific sound / performance lectures / papier maché / readings / structures for collaboration / interactive or participatory elements / beyond the separation of you-me and alone-together.

Organizations and groups
Board member of Föreningen Vrångsholmen, Tanums municipality
Violet Biscuits – collective art group with Cilla Berg and Lucy Wilson
Organizing Residens Vrångsholmen with Filippa Edholm
Member of artist run gallery Galleri 54, Gothenburg
Gelflux3 – art/pedagogy duo with Marika Sanaksenaho
FIRMAN – collective art work 2013 – 2016, with Susanna Antonsson, Hanna Månsson, Marika Sanaksenaho and Maja Sikorska
Under the same roof again – audio/visual duo with Christian Kiwi Berg.

Foto: Peter Rosvik

Residens Vrångsholmen is a one week yearly collective residency at Vrångsholmen, Tanums Kommun. Organized by Linnea Jardemark and Filippa Edholm. With support from Kulturrådet, Tanums kommun and KulturUngdom.

Residens Vrångsholmen (former Vrångsholmen Skola) is focusing on artistic collaboration and colletcive knowledge from sharing. The structure consists of collective research with focus on participation in the form of workshops, talks, dinners. Residens Vrångsholmen is adressed to artist with different backgrounds and ages. Each spring, an Open Call will be sent out for open application to the residence.
The idea of Vrångsholmen Skola is based on each participating artist leading each workshop in its field for the other participants. The workshop consists of the artist’s own interest in exploring and sharing an element from his practice, test one new form or recreate something existing in a new environment. The focus is on getting opportunity to test their work in an interdisciplinary context and is based on that we believe the pedagogical situation is an fruitful context for artistic development. Between the participants’ workshops, we focus on creating and sharing pedagogical and artistic tools through conversation and cooking. Vrångsholmen Skola focuses on experimentation and research rather than on production and end products.



Linnea has been a guest teacher at art schools such as Göteborgs Universitet HDK Steneby, Domen Konstskola, Göteborgs Konstskola and Stenebyskolan. She has had workshops within the field of performance, re-enactment and installation but also with the focus on thinking and talking about your practice, giving and recieving feedback.

Selected workshops and artist talks
2022 Definiera – diskutera – visualisera, Stenebyskolan
2021 Artist talk, Gerlesborgsskolan Bohuslän
2021 Feedbackmetod, HDK Steneby (GU)
2020 Platsspecifika ljud, Stenebyskolan
2020 Feedbackmetod, HDK Steneby (GU)
2020 Re-enactment with Marika Sanaksenaho (Gelflux3), Göteborgs Konstskola
2020 Textila minnen, Stenebyskolan
2019 Re-enactment with Marika Sanaksenaho (gelflux3), Domen Konstskola
2019 Performance, Stenebyskolan