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Choreographed walk for 8 people
90 minutes
Galleri Mengi (ISL) and
Luftspeglingar – There not really there, Trädgårdsföreningen (SE)

Welcome to a guided quiet walk in Trädgårdsföreningen
We will be outdoors
We will be silent
You will lead and you will be led
You will close your eyes

We meet between the trees in Trädgårdsföreningen, a constructed nature and a partially fictional place with the opportunity for meetings and play. In the book ”The Secret Life of Trees”, Peter Wohlleben writes about how trees communicate and cooperate to a much greater extent than we previously thought. Through fragrances in the air, sound waves and electrical signals underground, they create a social network for the survival of the collective. What we often experience as silence and calm seems to be full of movement and communication.

A choreographed walk for eight people at a time. The walk starts with an introduction and a shorter reeding from the book A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit.

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