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Performance Group

Together with Hanna Månsson Nord, Susanna Antonsson, Marika Sanaksenaho, Maja Sikorska
Photo: Esmeralda Valencia Lindström

FIRMAN was a performance group based in Gothenburg between 2014-2016. FIRMANs slogan and business idea was ”we do anything for you, for free”. To FIRMAN anyone could send in an application to ask for any comission without any requiered payback. FIRMAN were interested in the dreams, needs and longings of people in a society where we are payed to work. FIRMAN also investigated the conditions of working in an office, with the suitable interior and dress code and at the same time work as an artist. FIRMAN worked the last year with a project about Employee Care ’Programmet för medarbetaromsorg’ which was presented at Hotell Adyton at Ringön. FIRMAN had a mobile office and therefor installed it where the invitation or aim to work was wanted.

FIRMAN installed their office at galleries and art festivals, in libraries and kitchens.

Firman Manifesta 2016
Hotell Adyton 2016

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